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Otway Basin Victoria

Otway Basin (Victoria)

The Otway Basin is an onshore and offshore basin which extends approximately 500 kilometres from Cape Jaffa in South Australia to north-west Tasmania.

In Victoria, Beach’s operations in the Otway Basin involve natural gas production from the Halladale and Speculant natural gas fields, as well as the Geographe and Thylacine gas fields, with natural gas being piped and processed at the Otway Gas Plant near Port Campbell.

Once processed, the natural gas is sold to retailers who use it for domestic or commercial consumption in the East Coast gas market.

Otway Gas Plant, Victoria

Image of Thylacine-offshore platform, Otway, in the early morning with calm sea and magnificent crimson sunrise in background

Key facts

  • Safety and environmental sustainability are priorities for Beach, and only proven technologies are used in our operations
  • Beach does not undertake any fracture stimulation (fraccing) activities in Victoria
  • Beach first held permits for the Otway Basin in the 1970s, and drilled its first commercial natural gas discovery in the basin.
  • Beach provides local employment opportunities at the Otway Gas Plant and local drilling operations
  • Beach is a strong supporter of the local community and undertakes a number of local sponsorships with local clubs and organisations. To view more information on Beach’s community partnerships click the link below:

Community Partnerships

otway gas plant

The Otway Gas Plant is located near Port Campbell in south west Victoria.

It started processing natural gas piped from the Geographe and Thylacine offshore production wells in 2006.

In August 2016, natural gas was successfully extracted from the Halladale, Black Watch and Speculant gas fields.

Natural gas from the Halladale 1 and Speculant 1 and 2 production wells are now flowing from through 33km of buried pipeline to the Otway Gas Plant for processing.

Drilling of the Black Watch 1 well was successfully completed on 19 April 2020. The Black Watch 1 well is expected to be tied into the Otway Gas Plant mid-2020.

Once processed, the natural gas from the Otway Gas Plant is sold to retailers who use it for domestic or commercial consumption in the East Coast gas market.

The Otway Offshore Operations Environment Plan is reviewed every five years. The current Environment Plan can be viewed here

Otway Gas Plant

Otway Gas Plant Safety Case

The Otway Gas Plant is licensed as a Major Hazard Facility in accordance with the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and is required to have a Safety Case in place. The Safety Case is assessed by WorkSafe Victoria and provides the basis for the facility licensing decision. The document below presents a summary of the Otway Gas Plant Safety Case and is provided to the local community and municipal councils in accordance with the requirements of the Victorian OH&S Regulations.



Beach owns and operates the Halladale Black Watch and Speculant Pipeline (PL006009) and the Otway Raw Gas Pipeline (PL250), which flow the raw natural gas to the Otway Gas Plant. To view information regarding Beach’s pipeline safety awareness, click the link below.


Our Permits

Beach Energy has been granted a new offshore exploration permit in Victorian waters in the Otway Basin, in close proximity to Beach’s existing assets in south west Victoria.

Beach Energy is committed to the safe and sustainable development of natural gas, processed at the Otway Gas Plant near Port Campbell, for use by Victorian households and businesses.

Our focus presently is the delivery of our offshore program, as well as the Enterprise onshore-to-offshore exploration well, which follows the successful drilling of the Black Watch well near Nirranda South earlier this year.

When Beach commences planning for environmental approvals required for any activities in the permit area, we will undertake extensive consultation with the fishing industry with whom Beach already has existing relationships, in addition to a broad range of stakeholders in the community.

We look forward to continuing our positive relationship with the local community, and supporting the economy through local employment and the procurement of local goods and services.


Thylacine Platform


Otway Offshore Project

Beach is continuing development of the Otway offshore basin natural gas reserves within existing Commonwealth offshore exploration permits and production licenses, approximately 32 to 80 km from Port Campbell, Victoria.

The Otway Offshore Project will ensure ongoing production at the Otway Gas Plant, which supplies natural gas to Victoria.

Activities will run over several phases starting with seabed assessments, drilling exploration and production wells in the Geographe and Thylacine gas fields, and installing seabed infrastructure to tie-in wells to the existing platform and pipeline.

From February 2021 to July 2022, one exploration well and six production wells were successfully completed with outstanding safety and environment performance.

Two of the production wells have already been connected and are making a significant contribution to meeting the strong household and industry demands of the East Coast gas market.

Late 2022 and early to mid-2023, additional seabed infrastructure will be installed to connect the remaining wells. Advanced notice will be provided to stakeholders.

Beach is assessing opportunities to develop additional fields in its Otway Offshore Basin permits adjacent existing assets and stakeholder consultation will be undertaken after planning has progressed on new developments.

Stakeholder consultation is an important part of preparing Environment Plans for this project as it contributes to our understanding of local issues and concerns, and ensures our planning manages potential impacts.

Throughout its planning for this project, Beach has continued engagement with the commercial fishing sector and other stakeholders, and is keen to hear from any community members who would like further information or have any questions.


The Enterprise Project is a program to develop additional offshore natural gas reservoirs in the Victorian Otway Basin. The reservoirs are located offshore, up to 3 nautical miles (5.55 km) from the coastline, while the well site is located onshore near Port Campbell.

The Enterprise-1 exploration well was successfully completed in December 2020 and testing and assessment of the well delivered a positive result, which will help ensure the continued supply of raw gas to the Otway Gas Plant for processing and supply to the Australian domestic natural gas market. Beach is now planning for the construction of a pipeline to flow the gas to the Otway Gas Plant near Port Campbell.

Information about the Enterprise Project and Enterprise Pipeline Consultation, is available on the information sheet below.

Enterprise Project Information Sheet

Enterprise Pipeline Information Sheet

Enterprise Notice of Operation – Feb 2022

For more information on the Enterprise Pipeline, click the button below:


Rig EWG 106 at Haselgrove 4


To learn more about Beach’s operations in the Victorian Otway Basin, contact our Community Relations Manager (Victoria):

Blair McNaught
Community Relations Manager – Victoria

For more information on the petroleum industry regulatory processes in Victoria please visit:

Dept of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (Earth Resources)

To register interest in tendering for key goods and services for the Otway Offshore program, visit the following link:


Or contact:
Leanne Brennan
Ph. 0437 925 581