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Enterprise pipeline consultation

In early 2020, Beach proposes to begin drilling the offshore Enterprise exploration well using Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) technology from an onshore drill pad. If Beach determines that the exploration well is commercially viable, a pipeline will be constructed to flow the raw gas for processing at the nearby Otway Gas Plant, for supply to the Australian domestic gas market.

The proposed Enterprise pipeline, approximately 12km long and 200-300mm in diameter, is currently planned to be constructed alongside the existing Otway Raw Gas Pipeline (PL250) for the majority of its length. Several alternative pipeline connections were investigated but would have a negative effect on the production of existing wells.

In order to design the pipeline for safe construction and operations and to develop the plans required to minimise impacts on the environment, both during construction and operations, Beach needs to commence consultations early, before we have fully assessed commercial viability of the first Enterprise well. To learn more about the pipeline route and location, and other project information, download the information sheet by clicking the button below.


Halladale-Black Watch site

Otway Gas Plant

Pipeline Consultation Plan

As a pre-license condition, the Pipelines Act 2005 (Vic) (the Pipelines Act) specifies the requirement for a Minister-approved Pipeline Consultation Plan (PCP) prior to Beach commencing activities compatible with the Pipelines Act, such as serving Notice of intention to enter land for survey and Notice of Pipeline Corridor.

The purpose of the PCP is to demonstrate how Beach will consult with stakeholders, landowners and occupiers about the proposed pipeline. The PCP should also demonstrate how Beach will meet the consultation requirements laid out in the legislation. The Minister-approved PCP is provided to all impacted landowners and occupiers. To view the PCP, click the button below.



The primary legislation required for the construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of the proposed Enterprise pipeline are the Pipelines Act 2005 (Pipelines Act) and the Pipeline Regulations 2017 (Pipelines Regulations).

For landowners, occupiers and other stakeholders seeking more detail around regulatory approvals, click here.

information for landowners and occupiers

For landowners, occupiers and other stakeholders seeking information around private land access agreements, notices, and easement acquisition, click here.

Otway Gas Plant


Beach is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals’ personal information. Throughout consultation on the Enterprise Pipeline Project, information exchanged with landowners, occupiers and other stakeholders will be managed in line with Beach’s Privacy Policy. For a brief overview of the Beach Energy Privacy Policy on the project, download the information sheet by clicking the button below.


The full Beach Energy Privacy Policy can be viewed here.


Energy supply and demand

The Project will help meet and balance the increasing demand for supply of natural gas in the Australian east coast gas market.

Local employment and economic spend

Construction of the pipeline will provide opportunity for local employment, including the engagement of subcontractors. During planning and construction there will be a requirement for local accommodation, meals, supplies and other expenditure by the Project team within Port Campbell and the south west Victorian region. Continued supply of gas to the Otway Gas Plant will ensure the viability of the plant as a source of local jobs into the future.


Beach’s primary contact for the Enterprise Pipeline is:

Blair McNaught – Community Relations Manager (Vic)

0477 299 636

For all other feedback, enquiries or to register a complaint, please contact:

1800 797 011


Publicly available notices, such as the Pipeline License Application, will be published here at the appropriate time.


Details of public information sessions will be published here at the appropriate time.