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Corporate Governance


As a company listed on ASX, Beach Energy must provide a corporate governance statement in its annual report disclosing the extent to which it has complied with the Corporate Governance Principals and Recommendations published by the ASX’s Corporate Governance Council (Recommendations).

2018 Corporate Governance Statement
1 Jul 2018 Download (1.9Mb) (1.9Mb)

The Board and management have established a range of policies and procedures that reflect the Recommendations.  Those policies and procedures are reviewed regularly. Some of those are set out below:

Aboriginal Engagement Policy
23 Feb 2015 Download (203Kb) (203Kb)
Audit Committee Charter
23 Jun 2017 Download (241Kb) (241Kb)
Beach Energy Constitution
1 Jul 2018 Download (295Kb) (295Kb)
Board Charter and Role of Management
31 Mar 2017 Download (119Kb) (119Kb)
Climate Change
17 May 2019 Download (56Kb) (56Kb)
Code of Conduct
13 Jul 2016 Download (251Kb) (251Kb)
Community and Stakeholder Engagement Policy
30 Jul 2015 Download (203Kb) (203Kb)
Continuous Disclosure Policy
1 Apr 2016 Download (244Kb) (244Kb)
Diversity Policy
26 Aug 2016 Download (199Kb) (199Kb)
Nomination, Selection, Appointment and Re-election of Directors
6 Jun 2016 Download (89Kb) (89Kb)
Description of Performance Evaluation Process
6 Jun 2016 Download (202Kb) (202Kb)
Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter
26 Aug 2016 Download (88Kb) (88Kb)
Risk, Governance and Sustainability Committee Charter
17 Feb 2017 Download (97Kb) (97Kb)
Risk Management Policy
22 Aug 2014 Download (109Kb) (109Kb)
Shareholder Communications
26 Mar 2018 Download (277Kb) (277Kb)
Share Trading Policy
1 Apr 2016 Download (322Kb) (322Kb)
Sustainability Policy
13 Jul 2016 Download (199Kb) (199Kb)
Sustainability Steering Committee Charter
5 Sep 2014 Download (88Kb) (88Kb)
Whistleblower Policy
17 Aug 2018 Download (378Kb) (378Kb)