Working at Beach

As a company that ranks among the top six listed oil and gas companies in Australia, our sensitive approach to the environment, our commitment to supporting the communities in which we operate, and our sponsorship of local community organisations, all point to a thriving company where people come first. We have exploration and development interests in more than 300 tenements including Australia and New Zealand.

Why should I work at Beach?

There are plenty of good reasons to apply for a job at Beach. A highly-regarded employer with a strong track record providing excellent personal development opportunities, Beach offers a dynamic and rewarding work environment. Our work ethos is open and cooperative with a supportive team culture pervading all areas of our business. We are currently experiencing an exciting period of growth within our comprehensive exploration and production portfolio making this an ideal time to be with Beach.

I want to be challenged.

Good. You will be! Beach is innovative, resourceful, environmentally and socially aware with a myriad of stimulating projects to contribute to. We hold interests in more than 300 exploration and production tenements and are continually seeking additional domestic and international opportunities. Our aim is to diversify our energy mix by developing and utilising the wide ranging skills and experiences of our staff.

Tell me about the Beach team.

Each member of our team contributes to a strong social dynamic that fosters an innovative and supportive learning environment. The rapid growth experienced by Beach has resulted in significant opportunities for staff development, promotion and expansion. Our staff feel a genuine commitment to the company and a sense of ownership, with a work-life-balance aimed at both individual and company success. In return, our commitment to our people extends beyond the workplace to their families, because we understand that our staff need support in all aspects of their lives.

What else should I know about working at Beach?

To find out more about living in one of Australia's most beautiful regions where the cost of living is relatively low, follow the link below.



Company culture and work environment
Challenging projects and variety of work
Recognition and ability to achieve
Management support
Trust and autonomy in roles
Work/Life Balance
Our staff are proud to work at Beach Energy.