Sustainability at Beach

Sustainability at Beach is about operating our business in a responsible and well considered manner, to deliver the maximum possible return to shareholders while sensibly managing the economic, social and environmental risks inherent within our industry.

Our most recent Sustainability Report can be downloaded here    2017 Sustainability Report

Our responsibilities
Business ethics

 Beach has a code of conduct which sets out standards of behaviour expected of its directors and employees and contractors. In summary, those standards require:

  • Compliance with the laws that govern Beach and its operations;
  • Its people to act honestly and with integrity and fairness in all dealings;
  • Avoidance, or management, of conflicts of interest;
  • The assets of the Company to be used appropriately and efficiently for the benefit of its shareholders;
  • A contribution to the wellbeing of the Company’s key stakeholders; and
  • Exemplary corporate citizenship.

Our Business Practices Policy and Guidelines as well as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Compliance Policy assist employees in recognising and avoiding corrupt practices, while conducting business internationally and at home. We also have a Whistle Blower Policy to ensure breaches of policy can be reported without fear of reprisal as well as a Share Trading Policy aimed at managing the risk of inside trading.

Risk management

The Beach Board has overall responsibility for the integrity of our risk management system. The Risk Management Committee is delegated with management of the Company’s risks, based upon a globally accepted standard for risk management - ISO31000, and ensures an integrated company-wide approach to the incorporation of risk and reward considerations for all material business decisions.

Stakeholder engagement

Investor engagement

Our investor relations program is comprised of face to face meetings with investors, regular company announcements lodged with the ASX and on the Beach website, corporate presentations at industry functions, investor days and field trips for analysts and institutional investors, and presentations for retail investors. The Company is conscious of ensuring that all investors are catered for within the program.

Landholder visits

The Chief Operating Officer and Exploration and Development Manager conduct an annual 1,500 kilometre trip to visit landholders and station managers within the Cooper Basin to discuss the Company’s current activities and future plans, as well as answer any questions.

Aboriginal engagement

We are committed to engaging in and maintaining positive, long term, trusting relationships with Aboriginal communities from where we operate by adopting the following principles:

Operations - Beach will:

  • Acknowledge and respect the historical and ongoing Aboriginal connection to country through cultural and spiritual sites, language and ceremony;
  • Engage in meaningful, open and honest consultation and ensure conduct is respectful, patient and in good faith;
  • Understand that Aboriginal leaders must consult with their community on important matters and that this may take time;
  • Work to promote an understanding of oil and gas exploration and production operations and have an appreciation that knowledge of the industry may be limited within Aboriginal communities; and
  • Ensure our employees and contractors have appropriate cultural awareness and are aware of their obligations towards the protection of cultural heritage sites and Aboriginal relationships.

Training, employment and enterprise - Beach will:

  • Promote diversity within its workforce to encourage new ideas and cultural perspectives;
  • Seek to understand Aboriginal goals and capabilities as individuals, businesses or as communities; and
  • Promote training and employment opportunities within Beach and our contractors and provide reasonable and relevant assistance for potential candidates.

Sponsorship - Beach will:

  • Consider sponsorship opportunities which will bring benefit to Aboriginal communities. Prioritising those which encourage the completion of high school with Year 12 or equivalent qualifications; and
  • Take a long term view with respect to the sponsorship of youth development and education programs which take time to deliver outcomes.

The Aboriginal Engagement Policy can be downloaded here    2015 Aboriginal Engagement Policy

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