Our people

"Safety takes precedence in everything we do" is the catch phrase used at Beach to spread the message that our culture is focused on working safely above all else.

Industry safety commitment

We are committed to having an incident free work environment and, together with other members of the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA), will continue to regularly contribute company OHS incident data to the APPEA safety database. This voluntary contribution aids in measuring the safety performance of the industry, as well as developing initiatives to continue to improve the safety performance of the industry as a whole.

To learn more about APPEA safety policies and initiatives go to www.appea.com.au

Health and safety of our employees and contractors – We continued to develop our HSE strategy aimed at improving HSE culture and performance, as well as providing a clear path to our mission of achieving a sustainable healthy workplace that minimizes environmental impact and achieves safe outcomes in all operations.  In FY16, the total injury rate was significantly lower than previous year with performance milestones achieved including;

  • 1,000,000 workhours LTI free for Beach employees and contractors; and
  • Twenty one months without an LTI for our contractors.

Please refer to the performance data on page 34 of the Sustainability report for health and safety information.

Workforce development and retention – This year, we continued to implement a number of talent management initiatives to ensure we have the right people in the positions, including initiatives such as technical competency review, and verification of competency in field operations. To further read about Health and Safety, training and development and diversity at Beach, please refer to the 2016 Sustainability Report.

 2016 Sustainability Report

Health and Safety Policy

FY17 Company outlook
  • Continue the review and implementation of Fitness for Work policies and procedures;
  • Continue to develop a process safety framework and carry out a pilot project for this framework at a gas facility;
  • Provide training to managers and leaders to drive a high performance and accountability culture by:
– Continuing to implement performance review processes and embed a new rating scale across the business
– Providing high performance culture training to our Executive team;
  • Ensure Beach plans for and develops  employees so that we have the right skills and experience to deliver upon our strategy by:
– Identifying critical roles, plan successions and tailor strategies to bridge gaps
– Delivering high talent succession plans and connect with development opportunities
– Delivering specific and customised technical development as aligned to our competency requirements;
  • Develop and implement a formal “Welcome Back” program for women returning from maternity leave; and
  • Develop a formal policy on flexible working practice.