Our environment

Beach is committed to conducting its operations in an environmentally responsible manner. To fulfil these objectives Beach  will:  

  • Ensure management are demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship;
  • Maintain and improve the HSE Management System including as appropriate developing applicable environmental standards and procedures;
  • Establish environmental objectives and targets and implement programs to achieve them;
  • Commit to and comply with relevant environmental management plans for each activity as required by the appropriate regulating authority;
  • Avoid disturbance of known sites of archaeological, historical and natural significance and protect native flora and fauna in all areas of operation;
  • Ensure that incidents, near misses, concerns and complaints are reported adequately, investigated and appropriate procedures implemented;
  • Inform  all  employees  and  contractors  of  their  environmental  and  cultural  heritage  responsibilities including   consultation   and   distribution   of   appropriate   environmental   management   guidelines, regulations and publications for all relevant activities;
  • Ensure Beach has the resources and the skills necessary to achieve its environmental commitments; and
  • Include environmental performance in the annual performance appraisal of senior management.

Application  of  this  policy  resides  with  all  employees  and  contractors  sharing  responsibility  for  its implementation.
Managing produced water, waste and contamination - We ensure effective management and responsible disposal of all waste produced. Produced water goes through an extensive filtration process before it is evaporated naturally. Water quality in the evaporation ponds is consistently monitored to ensure it meets the regulatory standards. All waste produced is disposed of using licensed contractors and records are maintained for hazardous waste disposal. Waste from our office is sorted for recycling and all biodegradable waste is composted and re-used.

A range of measures have been put in place to prevent, manage and respond to accidental loss of leaks and spills, including:

  • Containment of all hazardous substances in appropriate vessels and bunds;
  • Appropriate storage of chemicals;
  • Maintaining safe and secure transfer areas;
  • Training to ensure that hazardous substances are handled appropriately and emergency response procedures are tested;
  • Testing to ensure the integrity of flowline and pipeline design, construction and maintenance standards, including corrosion protection measures, and overpressure protection devices and integrity testing; and
  • Testing of spill response and clean-up procedures.

In FY17, we undertook various environmental initiatives, including:

  • Delivery of oil spill response training program to field personnel;
  • Release of a new oil spill response procedure;
  • Review of existing potable water treatment systems; and
  • Commencement of a GIS based project to digitally capture our environmental footprint.

To further read about our material environmental issues, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, hydraulic fracture stimulation and our performance, please refer to the 2017 Sustainability Report.
Our regulatory approval documents can be found here

Details of our groundwater management can also be found here

Environmental Policy