Otway Basin

South Australia 
PRL 1 (Wynn - 100%) PRL 2 (Limestone Ridge - 100%) PRL 13 (Beach 100%) PRL 32 (ex PEL 255 - 70%)  PEL 494 (70%) PPL 62 (100%), PPL 168 (100%), PPL 202 (100%)  GSRL 27 (100%)
PEP 150 (50%) PEP 168 (50%) PEP 171 (75%) PRL 1 (Buttress North - 10%) PPL 6, PPL 9 (10%),
Beach has a long history of participation in exploration and development activities in the Otway Basin, stretching back to the early 1960’s. Current exploration, development and production assets are located onshore in both the South Australian and Victorian sections of the  Otway Basin. Included in these assets is the Katnook Gas/condensate Plant and associated Production Licences. The Otway is prospective for conventional gas and oil as well as unconventional gas and liquids. 

March 2017 Quarter

Operated Exploration
Penola Trough – PPL62
Beach 100%
Beach commenced preparations for drilling a conventional onshore gas exploration well in the Penola Trough, Otway Basin in South Australia.  Beach will be supported by the South Australian Government through the PACE gas grant scheme, which aims to bring new gas to market within three years.  Under the terms of the PACE grant, if a discovery is deemed to be commercial, Beach will enter bilateral negotiations with prospective South Australian customers for supply of gas at prevailing market terms.  The PACE grant remains subject to formal documentation being agreed.
Haselgrove-3 is expected to be drilled close to Beach’s Katnook gas processing facility and pipeline network, and the SEA Gas transmission system.  The well will target a 34 Bcf conventional gas and gas liquids prospect in the Sawpit Sandstone Member (see announcement of 17 March 2017 for further information and disclosures).  Haselgrove-3 will not be fractured stimulated.  Depending on the scope of well design and evaluation program, the $6 million PACE grant is expected to cover 40-50% of the estimated cost to drill Haselgrove-3.  Drilling in Q2 FY18 is expected. 
If successful, Beach’s Penola Trough acreage has follow-up exploration prospects to drill which could supply material new gas to the market. 


Haselgrove-3 Conventional gas well - South Australia PPL 62 

In 2017, Beach Energy will drill a conventional gas well in the Otway Basin, South Australia in PPL 62.  The drilling is supported by the South Australian Government through the Plan for Accelerating Exploration (PACE) gas grant scheme.

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Community engagement will be a focus of our program.  Please keep an eye on this page for information about upcoming community information sessions in the South East.  In the mean time if you would like to speak to Beach about the project please contact:

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