Otway Basin - VIC

Victorian Otway Basin

Beach’s operations in the Victorian Otway Basin involve natural gas production from the Halladale and Speculant natural gas fields, as well as the Geographe and Thylacine gas fields, with natural gas being piped and processed at the Otway Gas Plant near Port Campbell.

Once processed, the gas is sold to retailers who use it for domestic or commercial consumption in the East Coast gas market.

The Halladale and Speculant natural gas fields are located offshore, up to 3 nautical miles (5.55 km) from the coast line and are accessed using ‘extended reach drilling’ from the well site located onshore at Nirranda South, near Peterborough.

The Geographe and Thylacine offshore gas fields are situated approximately 55 and 70 kilometres off the Victorian coast, respectively, south of Port Campbell.

Beach is currently evaluating options to develop the Black Watch gas field and drill the Enterprise gas prospect via an extended reach well drilled from an onshore location.

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Current Status

Natural gas from the Geographe and Thylacine offshore production wells is being piped and processed at the Otway Gas Plant near Port Campbell.

The first successful extraction of gas from the Halladale, Black Watch and Speculant Project Project was completed in August 2016.

The Halladale 1 and Speculant 1 and 2 wells are now in the production phase with the raw gas flowing from the well heads, through 33km of buried pipeline, to the Otway Gas Plant for processing.

Planning is now underway for the Black Watch well, with drilling due to begin in the first half of 2019.

Key facts

  • Safety and environmental sustainability are priorities for Beach, and only proven technologies are used in our operations
  • Beach does not undertake any fracture stimulation (fracking) activities in Victoria
  • Beach provides local employment opportunities at the Otway Gas Plant and local drilling operations.
  • Beach is a strong supporter of the local community and undertakes a number of local sponsorships with local clubs and organisations

About Extended Reach Drilling

To access the offshore natural gas reservoir from an onshore well site, ‘extended reach drilling’ is used. This proven technology is safe, efficient, has minimal environment impact, and limits the visual impact by avoiding the need for an offshore drill rig.

This method involves drilling up to 2000m below the surface, while using directional drilling techniques to steer the well offshore, reaching a total drilling distance of around 6.5km to the potential gas reservoirs under the seabed.

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