$ Australian dollars
1P Proved
2P Proved and probable
3P Proved, probable and possible
ASX ASX Limited (ACN 008 624 691)
ATP Authority to Prospect
Beach Energy or Company Beach Energy Ltd (ACN 007 617 969) and its controlled entities
Board The board of directors of Beach Energy Limited
bbl Barrels
bcf Billion cubic feet (in relation to gas, approximately equal to 1 petajoule of energy)
boe Barrels of oil equivalent
bopd Barrels of oil per day
Chairman Chairman of the Board
C & S Cased and suspended
CSG Coal Seam Gas
DST Drill Stem Test
EPT Extended Production Test
GJ Gigajoule
kboe Thousand barrels of oil equivalent
km Kilometre(s)
Mawson Mawson Petroleum Pty Limited (ACN 009 815 632)
M Mining Lease
m Metre(s)
MLA Mining Lease Application
MMbbl Million barrels of oil
MMboe Million barrels of oil equivalent
MMcfd Million standard cubic feet of gas per day
Native Title The term "native title" refers to those rights held by indigenous inhabitants of Australia at and since the time of European settlement that are recognised by the common law. It differs from conventional land titles and in its nature may vary from group to group according to laws and customs. The Commonwealth Native Title Act 1993 provides statutory recognition and protection for the concept of native title as recognised by the High Court in the case of Mabo v The State of Queensland (1992). Substantial amendments in 1998 make provision inter alia for reaching indigenous land use agreements, the right to negotiate and a new test to be applied in the registration of claims for native title.
PEL Petroleum Exploration Licence
P & A Plugged and Abandoned
PEP Petroleum Exploration Permit
Petajoule/PJ 1x1015 joules (unit of energy)
PL Prospecting Licence
PLA Prospecting Licence Application
PLs Petroleum Leases
PPL Petroleum Production Licence
PRL Petroleum Retention Licence
RL Retention Licence
Tcf Trillion cubic feet
Trillion 1x1012