Unearth your true potential

We are a proud Australian oil and gas company with a strong pioneering history. We have grown to become Australia’s largest onshore oil producer with a major gas business. Our portfolio of strategically located oil and gas assets positions us for further growth.
Beach Energy attracts talented people, eager to work in a challenging environment where safety and wellbeing are our highest priorities. Our sensitive approach to the environment, commitment to supporting the communities in which we operate, and sponsorship of local organisations all point to a thriving culture where people come first.

At Beach, employees are given responsibility for making recommendations and/or implementing projects of significant value. Beach’s experienced management and technical teams provide mentoring and offer a support network that is enthusiastic about guiding and encouraging professional development.first.

Recruitment Scam

UPDATE - 12 September 2018:

Beach Energy has been made aware of a number of active recruitment scams targeting a variety of organisations and being made on websites such as Google Hangouts.  Further, Beach is aware that the individuals behind the scams are using fake names/monikers, such as Derrick Fowler, Stephen Bizzell and Sally Stearns. 

Please be advised that Beach Energy does not conduct interviews or make recruitment decisions via Google Hangouts.  If you are contacted by anyone asking you to create or join a ‘Google Hangout’ for the purposes of obtaining a role with Beach Energy please dismiss the request.

If you are contacted by anyone purporting to be working for Beach Energy, with the names Derrick Fowler, Stephen Bizzell or Sally Stearns, please dismiss the request.

If at any time you wish to check the validity of a recruitment process at Beach, please do immediately email and we would be happy to confirm.